Admission Requirements and Procedures to Study in Ukraine

Admission Requirements and Procedures to Study in Ukraineby Study In Ukraineon.Admission Requirements and Procedures to Study in Ukrainedmission requirements and procedures to study in Ukraine is a combination of “what is needed” and “procedural steps”   for accomplishing a successful study in Ukraine admission exercise. This article is broken into sectional requirements  and concluded with a seven step admission procedures to tie them all together. The requirements are further broken into four […]

ukraine-universities-admission-requirementsAdmission requirements and procedures to study in Ukraine is a combination of “what is needed” and “procedural steps”   for accomplishing a successful study in Ukraine admission exercise. This article is broken into sectional requirements  and concluded with a seven step admission procedures to tie them all together.

The requirements are further broken into four categories namely: academic, financial, travelling and visa requirements. Every international student planning to study in Ukraine must undergo these processes before listening to his / her first lecture. All four categories are discussed in this article, and concluded with the entire 7 admission steps to tie them all together. 

Many international students seeking university admission in Ukraine start off with little to no background information, and end up shooting blind, with the attending time wastage and mostly blind results. Being better informed guides the prospective student to decide whether it is a worthwhile venture or not. Read below, a summary of the requirements and the entire procedures.


To qualify for admission into a specific course, the student will have to satisfy the academic requirements for the particular course. Basically, this boils down to a minimum of five (5) credit passes in subjects related to the chosen course of study for undergraduate students. Postgraduate students will need to provide result transcript with course composition and certificate of a completed four years graduate program. Transfer students provides their result transcript with course outline and composition.

For students that will be studying in Russian language, a credit pass in English language is not necessary as these students will have to undergo a language preparatory program. However, for students of English language program, a knowledge of English language is required.
Until recently, all universities that offered English medium programs accepted students without a test of English language proficiency level. However, some universities are currently introducing a language proficiency test, and students that fail the test will have to join the language program and study in the native Ukrainian or Russian language.
During admission period, qualified students are offered provisional admission by the university for the program requested, and this is communicated to the student via a letter of invitation to study in the university. Upon acceptance, the student continues processing  traveling requirements.
Although Ukraine is comparatively less expensive for international students seeking admission abroad, it however is not without some financial outlay. The three basic financial requirements are: tuition, hostel accommodation and feeding / personal upkeep. There are also one-off payments including the following: university invitation / admission letter, visa support letter, courier postage and student registration on arrival.

For an idea on how much these will be, check our article about 2011 / 2012 study in Ukraine admission overview. A four or five years university program requires accurate financial planning in order to eliminate frustrations arising from lack of funding in-between the program.

Some international students have been given the impression of assured jobs and income opportunities by their recruiting agents. Based on the information, these students gather funding for the first couple of their academic years, hoping to augment the remaining years with expected income from anticipated jobs. With the expected jobs not forthcoming and the consequential challenge of not meeting with the financial requirements, these students are faced with frustrations, leading to dropouts, wastage of valuable time / resources and sometimes do lead to deportation.

It is very important that international students planning to study in Ukraine have a concise knowledge of source of funding for the entire study period in Ukraine.

Students from visa-free countries to Ukraine only need to arrive Ukraine, by any means of transportation convenient to them. Upon arrival, they complete the university registration process and are ready for academics.

However, students from non visa-free countries do need to process a study visa to enable them travel to Ukraine and begin their academic program. Read the article 2011 / 2012 study in Ukraine admission overview for links to visa-free countries to Ukraine and Ukrainian consulates around the world.
It is inevitable to communicate the arrival date, time and flight number, at least one week before arrival to the consultant or the university to arrange for meeting the student at the airport. Students without a receiving representative at the port of arrival might have a hard and unpleasant time with the immigration, and could sometimes lead to deportation.

In order to process a travel visa to study in Ukraine, an international student will need an invitation letter from the university that offered the provisional admission.

Besides the invitation letter, a visa support letter is also sent via ministry of external affairs to the Ukrainian consulate of student’s home country, or choice country for visa application. Until the visa support letter arrives the destination embassy, the student’s visa application will be pending.
Armed with the invitation letter, the student submits an application for a study visa to the Ukrainian embassy of the home country, or country of close proximity. Embassies have in-house requirements which students are expected to meet in order to qualify for a study visa. These requirements could vary from country to country depending on the diplomatic ties of the two countries and other governmental factors. International students are advised to visit the office of the Ukrainian consulate in their country or their website to familiarize themselves with the prevailing embassy requirements.
Below are sample embassy requirements extracted from the Documents checklist section of the Ukrainian embassy website for the consulate in Nigeria. Visit the Ukrainian embassy in your home country or their website to find out the applicable required documents for application.
– international passport

– receipt for payment of application fee
– application form with one recent photograph attached
– invitation – original
– invitation – photocopy
– testimonial – original
– testimonial – legalised photocopy
– testimonial – Ukrainian translation
– WAEC/NECO results – original
– WAEC/NECO results – legalised photocopy
– WAEC/NECO results – Ukrainian translation
– first degree (if applicable) – original
– first degree (if applicable) – legalised photocopy
– first degree (if applicable) – Ukrainian translation
– letter from the Ministry of Education – legalised original
– letter from the Ministry of Education – Ukrainian translation
– general fitness medical certificate – legalised original
– general fitness medical certificate – Ukrainian translation
– HIV status medical certificate – legalised original
– HIV status medical certificate – Ukrainian translation
– birth certificate – original o birth certificate – legalised photocopy
– birth certificate – Ukrainian translation
– letter from the National Population Commission – legalised original
– letter from the National Population Commission – Ukrainian translation
– receipts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria for payment for legalisation
– medical insurance – original
– medical insurance – photocopy
– sponsorship letter in a form of a court affidavit – original
– sponsor’s ID – photocopy o recent bank statements of a sponsor – original
– open return ticket – original
– open return ticket – photocopy
– any other documents which can strengthen your application

Admission Procedures:

This entails everything from securing admission from the choice university, to sitting in the lecture room for the maiden lecture. This can be accomplished in either of the two ways: self-processing or assisted-processing via consultants.

Whichever option the student chooses, the steps are the same, except that while the student individually goes through the entire process in the former, he /she is guided in the latter by the consultant. Below are the seven steps / procedures for processing admission to study in Ukraine.


Seven Admission Steps And Procedures To Study In Ukraine.
  • 1. Decision on the choice course
  • 2. University selection
  • 3. Contact the university to verify their requirements. Check the list of Ukraine universities
  • 4. Check and satisfy the university requirements and apply for admission
  • 5. Receive admission  / invitation letter to study in the university
  • 6. If required, apply for a study visa and satisfy embassy requirements
  • 7. Finalize traveling arrangements and inform the university or the consultant of proposed arrival date for airport reception.

In a nutshell, above are the seven steps admission procedures to study in Ukraine. It is important to note that the student can accomplish all these steps individually, or assisted by a consultant.

Yes, it is more efficient and faster using a consultant, but not without some payment for the services of the consultant.  For students that might be cash-strapped, don’t be put off by the mention of payment for the consultant’s services as it is possible to self-accomplish the steps, although this will not be as flawless as using a consultant like our company, OguCS Ltd. This is not mandatory, you can process your admission all by yourself, and this post is just to give you a clearer guide on how to accomplish that.

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