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Study In Ukraine Admission Overviewby Study In Ukraineon.Study In Ukraine Admission OverviewUkraine’s educational institutions have become recognized in the world as a source of quality and affordable university education. Whether seeking for a graduate program, postgraduate, doctorate or research works, many international students today have realized the educational potentials available by studying in Ukraine universities. Because most universities are struggling to cope with the increasing request […]
Ukraine University Admission OverviewUkraine’s educational institutions have become recognized in the world as a source of quality and affordable university education. Whether seeking for a graduate program, postgraduate, doctorate or research works, many international students today have realized the educational potentials available by studying in Ukraine universities. Because most universities are struggling to cope with the increasing request from international students, consulting companies were licensed by the state center for international education to assist in recruiting international students and augment the admission load on the universities and increase admission efficiency.
Below are answers to some of the repeat questions frequently asked by international students planning to study in Ukraine. They were compiled from the most repeating questions submitted to our support center.

Age Limitations

The age limitation for new students planning to study in Ukraine is (25) years. This is irrespective of the program of student’s interest. Until recently, this limit used to be twenty nine (29) years.

Study in Ukraine Admission Resumption Date

There is no unified calendar for all the universities’ admission resumption date. Most have their in-house admission calendar, but normally resumes from March / April, and admissions can continue till November, and sometimes beyond. However, students arriving after 1st of September, which is the official resumption date for all academic activities in Ukraine, might have to enroll for a one year language preparatory program.
Students enrolling directly into the main course or planning to study in English language are expected to have arrived before 1st of September.

Tuition and Payments

Tuition fees vary across universities, depending on the course, the university and the language of study. The fees are usually updated yearly by the universities, prior to the admission season. 

Depending on the mode of application, tuition payments could be made on arrival, or partly paid to the university for students applying directly to the university. Students processing their application via consulting companies, like our company, do not need to pay for the tuition until arrival, as the consulting companies are given this concession.

Pre-payments are only for the university admission / invitation letter, visa support letter from the ministry of external affairs, and payment for courier postage to the student’s location. The invitation letter could cost anywhere between $100 – $200 depending on the prevailing tariff, while courier postage cost will largely depend on the student’s location and the courier company utilized. Current fees for all of these will be made available during the admission season.

However, below are a general fee range based on earlier records for the most popular course categories:

General Tuition Fees Range
Course / Faculty Tuition / Annum
Preparatory Faculty $1500 – $2000
Medical courses in English language $3000 – $4500
Medical courses in native Ukrainian or Russian language $2500 – $3500
Postgraduate courses (Medical) $4000 – $5000
Engineering courses in English language $2500 – $3500
Engineering courses in Ukrainian or Russian Language $2000 – $3000
Postgraduate courses (Engineering) $3500 – $4000
Management / Social Sciences $2000 – $3500
Postgraduate (Management / Social Sciences) $3000 – $4000


Please note that the above fee range is general, and could vary across universities. You are requested to use the above figures as a planning guide.


Most universities have hostel accommodation for students, or have a provision for one. This varies from single room accommodation type to double or trio occupants for a room, depending on the size and type of the room. Prices for accommodation are also reflective of the accommodation type, and could vary between $350 – $700 per annum.

Students are also allowed to live in rented apartments, outside the hostel, but not without necessary procedures and permission from the university authority. However, it is highly advised that international students reside in university hostels, for better security.

Tuition Payments in Installments

Most universities do accept payment of tuition in installments. However, this concession is more applicable to students after their first year. New students are usually expected to make full payment, although in certain circumstances, could be granted this concession.

Living Expenditure

This varies with the students’ individual living standards and habits. On the average, students can live off a monthly budget of $150. While a conservative student might not even need that much, another student might need much more depending on the chosen lifestyle. However, depending on inflationary trends, the figures could reasonably change.

Academic Issues

Resumption of academic activities

In Ukraine, academic activities resume from 1st of September of every year. This holds true both for return students as well as new students enrolling directly into the main program to study in English language, without going through the language program. However, for language preparatory program, academic activities do resume a bit later into October / November, and often extended till December.

Study Duration

Language Preparatory Program
: One (1) academic year

Graduate Program: Four (4) academic years

Graduate Program (Medical): Six (6) years

Postgraduate (Masters): Minimum of sixteen (16) – eighteen (18) months

Graduate program continued to Masters uninterrupted: Five (5) years

Admission procedures

Admissions are issued exclusively by the universities, either through their representatives or directly to the student, depending on the student’s mode of application. Depending on the the desired program, the student is expected to have passed at least five (5) credit passes related to the course of interest.
Transfer students will be required to also send their result transcript and course composition while postgraduate students will need to provide the transcript as well as certificate of a four-year completed graduate program.
Applications could be submitted directly to the university, or through their representatives.

Study Languages Available

Below are the most common study languages available in most Ukrainian universities.

It is important to note that the introduction of English language as a study language is relatively recent, and started off in the most popular courses amongst foreign students, such as medicine and computer engineering. Although most universities are gradually introducing the use of English language as a study language and spreading to other courses, chances are also high that some courses are not available for study in English language.

Visa and visa-free regime

International students planning to study in Ukraine will come from one of the two country categories: countries with visa-free regime to Ukraine or countries requiring visa to travel to Ukraine, in this case, a student visa. This is important to verify early, to guide planning and preparations. Even when a visa is not required to travel to Ukraine, the student will still be required to go through registrations and obtain a student’s residential permit throughout the student’s residential period in Ukraine.

Below are links to resources about list of visa-free  countries to Ukraine, another link to the websites of Ukrainian embassies in different countries.

Students that do not fall into the visa-free category will need the second link to locate the Ukrainian embassy in their home country. It is allowed to choose the Ukrainian embassy of convenience and close proximity, in the event of an absent resident Ukrainian embassy in the student’s home country.


Most international airlines shuttle Ukraine. For traveling purposes, students choose the airline most suitable for their traveling plans considering cost, availability and proposed port of arrival. However, one of the most affordable flight operators and the most popular among international students is Turkish Airline. Distance proximity between the student’s university and the port of arrival should be considered when choosing an appropriate airline.
Depending on the location of the student, Ukraine is also accessible via road, rail and sea.


Scholarships for international students, are not readily available in Ukraine. Most international students are sponsored by their parents or guardians, except for those that were awarded state or governmental scholarship from their home government or another independent scholarship   organization.

Work and income opportunities

Ukraine is also not the ideal place for students wishing to combing academic activities with some form of revenue generation. As a developing nation, Ukraine is still battling to create enough jobs for her citizenry, and with the language barrier, international students might not be well positioned to even compete for these jobs where available, except jobs that require the use of foreign languages. Most importantly, the student’s residential status do not permit them to take up paid jobs, as all income attracts some form of taxation, a provision not made for students.

Notwithstanding, it is not uncommon to see international students doing some form of menial jobs during summer holidays in holiday and resort centers like beaches etc, but income from such activities should not be relied upon for the student’s upkeep and sustenance. However, it should be noted that this is not a legitimate activity, and could attract attention from the appropriate law enforcement agency, which could lead to some form of penalty or the other.

Sporting facilities

Most universities are equipped with sporting facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Since Ukraine has less of warm months than cool months, indoor games tend to gain prominence amongst students. However, international students with large enough student community do organize championship events during summer, in games like football, amongst other foreign communities.

Weather characteristics

Ukraine is a four season country: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Spring is a transition from winter to summer and occurs between March to May. Summer months last from June to August. Summer in Ukraine is heat intensive varying between 25oC to 35oC with sometimes temperatures of +40oC and above recorded. Autumn is a transition from summer to winter and occurs between September to November. Winter months are between December to February, with temperatures falling below 0oC to sometimes as much as -35oC. This is however rare, but in such extreme cases, academic activities are suspended until the weather condition improves.

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