University Admission Recruitment, 2014 / 2015 Academic Year


2014 / 2015 AdmissionsOur earlier scheduled 2014 / 2015 university admission recruitment exercise was suspended due to the crisis in Ukraine. Twice it was re-scheduled and eventually cancelled due to the escalation of the crisis.

However, we temporarily relocated to Kharkov, from Donetsk,and have concluded arrangements to process admissions for some universities in Kharkov and other cities outside the conflict regions.

The courses list are not as extensive as usual, but selected ones that are in high demand and available for study in English language. For the rest of the courses or programs meant for study in Russian language, the student will first undergo a language preparatory program.

Below are the available courses as well as the admission guidelines.


Courses in English Language

Computer Engineering

  • Tuition: $2200

Software Engineering:

  • Tuition: $2200

Oil and Gas Engineering: 

  • Tuition: $3300

General Medicine:

  • Tuition: $4000 & $4300 (For two different universities)


  • Tuition: $4000


  • Tuition: $4000

Language Preparatory Program

  • Tuition: $1500

The language preparatory program is required for all courses to be studied in Russian / Ukrainian language. All the courses listed above are available for study in both English and local Russian / Ukrainian language. However, there are many more courses that are only available for study in the local Russian / Ukrainian languages. To enroll for any of the available courses in the local Russian / Ukrainian language, good knowledge of the particular language is required, which is acquired after the one year intensive language preparatory program. For the list of courses available for study in the local Russian / Ukrainian language, click here ==> Available Courses 

Other Applicable Payments Apart From The Tuition:

  • Hostel Accommodation: $700 per year
  • Post Arrival Expenses: $1200 (Airport / immigration clearance, transportation to hostel, university registration, processing residential permit, medical tests, medical insurance, passport translations / notarization, student / library id cards, company service fees.)
  • Cost of Invitation & Visa Support Letter: $200
  • Cost of Courier Delivery: $100
  • Total cost for processing invitation letter and courier delivery: $300
  • Note: The above cost of $300 for processing invitation and courier delivery is for preparatory, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. For Doctorate programs, the cost is $500
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Terms And Conditions

  • Payments for tuition, hostel accommodation, and all post-arrival expenditure are paid only upon arrival.
  • Payment for processing university invitation letter, visa support letter and courier delivery is pre-paid in advance.
  • Payment made for already processed invitation letter is non-refundable
  • Admissions will not be processed for universities in the conflict regions of Ukraine

General Admission Requirements

  • A valid international passport
  • For preparatory program, proof of completed secondary / high school education.
  • For Bachelor’s program, 5 credit passes in subjects related to your course of interest. If planning to study in English, a credit pass in English language should be included.
  • For Master’s program, completed Bachelor’s program as well as result transcripts showing subjects studied and grades.
  • Not more than ten (10) years from the date of completing the most recent educational institution.
  • A filled application form (will be provided)
  • Full educational sponsorship (No scholarship in Ukraine for foreign students)
  • Payment for processing and courier delivery of university admission / invitation letter.

Admission Steps & Procedures

  1.  Go through this page and ensure that it is fully understood. If additional clarifications is required or something is not fully comprehended, visit our support desk and open a support ticket: ==>
  2. Visit the pre-assessment page and undergo the Online Appraisal Process. It is an interactive form that is configured to ensure student’s eligibility, in conformity with the current Ukraine admission requirements. ==> Click Here 
  3. If  the outcome of the appraisal process is positive, then fill the online application form and follow the instructions. ==> Click Here for the online application form.
  4. You will receive payment information for processing the admission / invitation letter and courier delivery. When you are ready to make payment, request to be sent a payment invoice.
  5. Once payment is made, send a copy of payment slip to the email address indicated in the payment instructions. After receiving a copy of your payment slip, you will be sent a copy of the admission contract, while your admission is being processed.
  6. University invitation will be processed between 5 – 8 working days after signing the admission contract.
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If you are ready to begin the admission process, then visit the pre-assessment appraisal page to get started. ==> Click Here 

Note: Visit Ukraine University Admission Page For The Current Academic Year)

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